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What Families Are Saying About Us

I loved the hospitality of Chad at the Funeral home my Mother was played out there & they did an excellent job... I Refer other Family's to use this Funeral Home....
Michael Smith
This funeral home was amazing at helping plan a funeral for my son
Tonya Luckett-Soldano
I highly recommend this wonderful funeral home. I am so thankful to Chad for helping me through this process to honor my Dad in the most comforting way. Thank you
Suzanne Marie
My brother died recently, and my mother purchased a pre-burial arrangement twenty-one years ago for him. When I found out my brother was very ill, I called Dalbert, Woodruff & Isenogle to discuss this arrangement. They found the plan immediately while I was on the phone, and we would briefly discuss the plan over the next six months until my brother died. I dealt with Jenni, Chad, and Ryan. They were all outstanding, patient, and kind. They explained everything well, and they always promptly followed through with decisions we made on the phone. Someone at the funeral home ALWAYS answered the phone. I NEVER got an answering machine. In this age of terrible customer service, they were a breath of fresh air!! In the end, the funeral went off without a hitch. All the details and requests we made were incorporated. The funeral at church streamed on FACEBOOK was very professional. You don’t realize how many details are involved in funeral planning and all of this was done by Dalbert, Woodruff & Isenogle. I did very, very little. If you engage in their services in the future, you will not be disappointed
Leslie Turner
We entrusted Dalbert, Woodruff and Isenogle Funeral Home to provide services for our 19 year old son and grandson who died as a result of a swimming/diving accident. They were the third funeral home interviewed and immediately impressed us with their professionalism and caring spirit. Chad Isenogle took the lead and was supported by Jennifer in providing first class service in all aspects of the funeral process. Chad made check lists, asked all the right questions and left nothing up to chance. The entire process went off without a hitch! Our family could not have been more pleased with the level of attention and service we received. If you have need for their services, I think you would be wise to consider Dalbert, Woodruff and Isenogle Funeral Home. JT
James Tracey
My brother's funeral took place yesterday. Many of the details had been done in advance by my mother years ago and updating everything had to be done long distance. The staff took the time to participate in a conference call with my brother and sisters and we were able to get everything planned in one meeting. Everything for the funeral and graveside service went beautifully. We didn't have to worry about anything and we are so grateful for the assistance that DW&I rendered.
Mary Kelley Greer
Every detail about my father’s funeral was handled perfectly from the initial call. The planning, visitation, facility, burial, and delivery of flowers/personal memory items to a reception for family and friends was taken care of with no worries from us. Thank you so much to Chad, Clay, Jeff, and others who made it possible.
Shirley Durbin and family